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Anti Acne Treatment Kit
Anti Acne Treatment Kit
Anti Acne Treatment Kit
Anti Acne Treatment Kit

The Anti Acne Kit includes a Night mask, Scrub and Face Pack specially formulated with pure cold pressed oils, aloe-vera, shea butter and few other special ingredients that fight and prevent the constant, irritating skin-teaser, acne. Made with ingredients that naturally tackle the unclogging of pores, protect skin against water loss, improve cell turnover and maintain a healthy balanced skin. The kit forms the perfect superfood diet, protecting your skin against acne and it’s scars.


- Heals and Prevents acne and skin inflammations

- Cleanses dirt and protects skin against water-loss and stressors

- Treats dry skin, protects skin against free-radicals and sun damage

- Rich in anti-oxidants

- Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, beneficial for sensitive skin groups

- Anti-ageing properties, tightens skin and reduces signs of ageing

- Helps skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, reduces stretch marks


Suits all skin types. 

All our products are handmade, hand-assembled and beautifully packaged in small artisanal batches, with each of it’s ingredients being hand-picked, mixed and blended using traditional methods with the highest quality and purity.

Color and consistency of the products might vary batch to batch as these are handmade 

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