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Vettiver Facial Mist
Vettiver Facial Mist
Vettiver Facial Mist
Vettiver Facial Mist

A facial mist created from the aromatic grass revered for it’s calming and cooling effect. The Vettiver Facial Mist balances the pitta-dosha and is therapeutic for skin that is damaged by harsh environmental factors, stressed and prone to breakouts.


- Treats excess heat within skin, reducing skin blemishes and inflammations

- Protects skin from ageing, strengthens, firms and tightens skin

- Healing properties relax both mind and skin, aroma de-stresses and uplifts mood instantly.


Suits all skin types.

All our products are handmade, hand-assembled and beautifully packaged in small artisanal batches, with each of it’s ingredients being hand-picked, mixed and blended using traditional methods with the highest quality and purity.

Color and consistency of the products might vary batch to batch as these are handmade 

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